Our Story

Parts Pass was developed from a mechanic’s point of view, on the shop floor: radically streamlining the frustrating experience of searching, comparing pricing, and scheduling delivery.

Our hands-on experience operating a busy auto shops inspired us to design an app with both functionality and ease-of-use at the forefront. In 2022, Parts Pass has become available for the general consumer, DIY mechanic and car hobbyist. Shopping for parts has never been more accessible.

Our Vision

Parts Pass’ vision is to share a user-centric app designed to save time just as much as money. 

Open to all: businesses, mechanics and the modern DIY-er. Parts Pass is built to ensure a headache-free experience with user-friendly, full-throttle functionality. 

Our Commitment

Quality craftsmanship. Respected manufacturers. Best value. 
Parts Pass partners with reputable manufacturers of integrity and quality. If we wouldn’t put it in our own car, we wouldn’t offer it to you. 


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