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Parts Pass

At Parts Pass, safeguarding the security and privacy of our users is our utmost priority. Our meticulous protocol for deleting user data guarantees the thorough and irreversible elimination of all personally identifiable information from our systems. Aligned with pertinent data protection regulations, our deletion procedures adhere to industry-standard practices, ensuring the preservation of user privacy.

To bolster this commitment, we employ robust encryption measures to secure all user data, including names and addresses. This additional layer of security fortifies the protection of sensitive information throughout the deletion process. Users can seamlessly initiate the deletion of their data through our designated channels. Once confirmed, our systems systematically and promptly purge the requested information. This efficient process not only upholds our commitment to transparency but also empowers users with full control over their personal data.To request to delete an account please send User Name and Email that is associated with the account to: kim@partspass,app and we will confirm the account has been deleted.


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