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Do I need to pay to use Parts Pass?

No. Parts Pass is 100% free to download, and free to use. Anyone can save on quality replacement parts by downloading the app. You always have the option to become a Parts Pass member for more savings and Member perks. Learn more about becoming a Parts Pass Member for just $49/year here.

Why should I use Parts Pass instead of a local store?

Ordering through the Parts Pass app saves you time as well as money. Instead of spending time searching online, visiting shops, or on the phone, Parts Pass’ all-in-one functionality bypasses the wait time with an enhanced search, comparative pricing, and in-app payment and Delivery, all in one go. 

Do parts ordered from Parts Pass come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our parts come with a standard 30-day warranty for peace of mind. So rest easy knowing you’re covered.

Where do the parts come from?

Parts Pass sells the most recognized and reputable brands in the industry. If we wouldn’t put it in our own cars, we wouldn’t offer it to you. We provide a wide range of quality parts to you with the utmost of confidence.

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