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As the preferred OEM parts supplier of comprehensive air brake systems and components, Bendix is on a mission to revolutionize vehicle safety and performance through cutting-edge solutions. They're passionate about offering the most reliable active safety technologies, efficient energy management systems, and comprehensive air brake control products - all under their trusted Bendix® brand name for commercial vehicles in North America.

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The Bendix Brake Pads are a great quality option for everyday drivers. These premium brake pads help you to stay OUT of the shop longer by giving you consistent, safe, & reliable performance on the road. Look for these brake pads along with some other great options on the Parts Pass App. Click below to shop! 

Brake Pads


Considered a top supplier of compressors, air treatment components and complete air braking control systems, Bendix offers commercial vehicle operators reliability, durability, and energy efficiency. They guarantee unparalleled performance, as every compressor unit is individually tested to their exact standards, and supported by an impressive warranty.




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These are only a couple of great products from Bendix, with many more that we offer on the Parts Pass app. If you are wanting to look at more products, click below to get searching!