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With over 50 years of experience in remanufacturing and fixing worn-out machinery, Cardone has seen just about everything that can go wrong with your car. Which is why their parts are built with integrity and excellence, ensuring that you are better off than you were before. 

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Cardone’s Engine Auxiliary Water Pumps are brand new units that improve longevity, reduce friction, less leakage due to upgraded rubber and sealants, easy installation, and have been tested rigorously through a variety of conditions to make sure you are getting real-world reliability.  

Engine Auxiliary Water Pumps


The Cardone Camshaft Synchronizers are tested to ensure they have great signal strength, wire harness polarity, ignition coil quality and overall pick-up performance. These assurances will help you avoid oil leaks, poor timing, inaccurate sensing/readings, and premature failures. Click below to see more Cardone parts on the Parts Pass app!

Camshaft Synchronizer



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These are only a couple of great products from Cardone, with many more that we offer on the Parts Pass app. If you are wanting to look at more products, click below to get searching!