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KYB… where it’s at for world-class shocks and struts! Even if you’re someone who may not fully understand what shocks and struts are, you can surely feel what they do. KYB offers their customers a complete line of shock absorbers, struts, and strut assemblies for cars, trucks, SUVs and Crossovers– certainly one of the largest suppliers.

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The KYB Self-Leveling Shocks are original equipment replacement parts that automatically adjust the suspension balance and work to keep your vehicle stable no matter what your driving conditions may be. In the box, you’ll find this KYB shock will come with a pump, sensor, regulator, and reservoir inside the unit.

Self-Leveling Shocks


Right here is the KYB Truck-Plus Performance Assembly. This strut is fairly easy to install and is best for modern half-ton trucks that are looking to improve handling and control. With this product, you will get a complete assembly, more tow capabilities, improved steering response, more control, and increased stability on the road. 

Truck-Plus Strut



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