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Dorman brings vehicle owners and operators thoughtful repair solutions that give you the power to fix your car with quality and affordable parts. With a large and growing catalog of over 118,000 products, let’s get into some of Dorman’s car parts!

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Dorman has an entire lab dedicated to testing window regulators, so it comes as no surprise that they are leading the industry in replacement power window regulators and motors. They are creating the next generation of FMVSS-validated window hardware, even for those with the latest technologies such as smart motors.

Window Regulators


The Dorman electronic throttle bodies replace the mechanical position sensor. They are going to give you more durability and prevent any contaminants from doing any damage. They come brand new and rigorously tested so you get the best overall performance. Check out Dorman products on the Parts Pass app!

Electronic Throttle Bodies



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These are only a few of great products from Dorman, with many more that we offer on the Parts Pass app. If you are wanting to look at more products, click below to get searching!