Parts Pass

Parts Girl Podcast

In this episode of the Parts Girl podcast, Kaylee Felio sits down with Stan Mirzayev to discuss his innovative app that is revolutionizing the car parts industry. Parts Pass is a free mobile app that simplifies the process of ordering car parts by integrating artificial intelligence and user-friendly features. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a regular driver, this app will make your life easier when it comes to getting the right parts for your vehicle.

The Wolff Den Podcast

Join us as we welcome Stan Mirzayev to #TheWolffDen. Stan is the CEO of Parts Pass, the "New Way To Order Car Parts". Parts Pass is available for the general consumer, DIY mechanic and car hobbyist. Shopping for parts has never been more accessible.

LIVE with Brian Bogert

Stan is a serial entrepreneur and a 17 year old automotive expert and enthusiast who's bringing technology in an app to an industry that's historically very hands-on in so many ways.

LIVE with Dave Meltzer 

Stan is the founder and CEO of Parts Pass App and is utilizing AI in a whole other way. In this show, Dave and Stan discuss the value of utilizing AI technology to assist in the process that has created a lot of frustration in the world replacing car parts. 

Trailchasers Podcast

Stan joins the Trailchasers Podcast  to talk about the development of www.partspass.app - Parts Pass was developed from a mechanic's point of view, on the shop floor: Radically streamlining the frustrating experience of searching, comparing pricing, and scheduling delivery.

Automotive ADHD Podcast

Automotive ADHD talks with Stan Mirzayev, Founder and CEO of the Parts Pass App about how he is reinventing the auto parts industry!


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