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Reinventing the Parts Industry?
Interview with Parts Pass CEO Stan Mirzayev

Automotive ADHD talks with Stan Mirzayev, Founder and CEO of the Parts Pass App about how he is reinventing the auto parts industry!

"Working side by side with my father, I got to see firsthand the struggles that he would have to go through, specifically when it came to searching replacement parts. So about six years ago, I kind of started putting a business plan together of how would I solve this issue. At the time, mobile apps were growing and growing very quickly, so we kind of had that going for us. We didn't have to reinvent the wheel. So I got together with a software developer and I said, here's the issue that mechanics are facing let's put the numbers together and see how much time is actually wasted procuring parts at a small to medium size auto repair shop. And we did the calculations and it was over $45,000 a year that I would just spend behind the table calling multiple suppliers to find out who has the part, how much does it cost, what the warranty is, and of course the availability.

We started putting the plan together and Parts Detect was born, and it's been about six years now. What Parts Detect did is we teamed up with national parts suppliers, the brick and mortars, the local parts suppliers, the AutoZones for of the world, for example, and we have five different suppliers that believe in our mission, believe in the value that we bring them, and the value that we bring to the installers, the mechanic shops, because we actually drive traffic to our suppliers.

Early 2022 last year, a light bulb went off and I started thinking about the do-it-yourselfers, the opportunity that we have there that we're not just tapping into. I would go to these local parts suppliers and kind of stand on the sideline and watch that interaction that a customer would go through with that parts suppliers and it was really upsetting honestly, because there's so many different variables that you can't control. You have to know the lingo, you have to know the car that you're working on, you have to wait to be called on, you have to connect with somebody on the other end, and if they're having a bad day, they kind of put that on you. So a light bulb went off and I said we need to create a simple way for the everyday person, the average do-it-yourselfer an opportunity to use an app that is just cutting edge. Parts Pass provides them value by giving them quality parts at severe discounts, wholesale pricing, and we deliver actually within 48 hours."


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