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Bringing Technology to a Historicall Hands-On Industry

Stan is the founder and CEO of Parts Pass App and is utilizing AI in a whole other way. In this show, Dave and Stan Stan is a serial entrepreneur and a 17 year old automotive expert and enthusiast who's bringing technology in an app to an industry that's historically very hands-on in so many ways.

"When I started working alongside my dad, he would be super frustrated himself, so he would have to go down to the parts house and actually wait in line. And the whole process just aggravated him. So throughout the years I saw an opportunity to bring software into this and put the power into the mechanic's hands and the power into the general consumer by allowing them to search and order parts directly from their phone or from their tablet.

We've come a long way! Back in the day there used to be these huge magazines or these paper magazines where you actually have to go and find a year, scoot over a little bit more, find the make, the model, and then they transitioned into computers. And now we're taking it one step further with the mobile applications. So the mobile applications allows you to take a picture of the VIN number and get it decoded, and we even took it further by introducing artificial intelligence, which is really great. So you can take a picture of the car from any angle and that AI will assist in decoding that make and model, so what once took 10-15 minutes now takes 10-15 seconds."


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