Episode #285 of The Wolff Den with Stan Mirzayev

Join us Tuesday, May 9th at 1pm EST as we welcome Stan Mirzayev to #TheWolffDen. Stan is the CEO of Parts Pass, the "New Way To Order Car Parts". Parts Pass is available for the general consumer, DIY mechanic and car hobbyist. Shopping for parts has never been more accessible.

"I started focusing on the friction part of the automotive industry; sourcing parts, procurement, fitment, all that was just kind of the wild west. We knew that we can bring value there and I think I'm gonna stay within the automotive industry for a pretty long time.

With Parts Pass, that's what we're trying to do is put the power of servicing your vehicle in the hands of the consumer. And what we're doing there is we are alleviating a lot of stress that goes into it. So we have artificial intelligence embedded into the app, and you can take a picture of the front, the side, the back, at any angle, and it'll help you decode the make and model. And then we have a dropdown menu as well, so you can select year, make, model. When we started building this, we wanted to make sure that we were bringing value and the value is all about efficiency, accuracy and price point that can't be beat. And quality of parts is extremely important for us.

Most all of our parts are not sourced from China, which is what you find a lot of online suppliers and local parts suppliers stock. There's no real quality assurance there. Whereas our parts, we're focusing on top quality name brands like Hitachi, Denzo, AC Delco, even Ford Motorcraft. So we have those parts in stock and our price structure is about 25 to 30% less than where you can find it anywhere else. We offer two day shipping as well, so that's a lot of value there that we give to our consumers. It's a free application, so it's a win-win!

When you go into a repair shop and you got a battery light that comes on, they check the battery and they're telling you you need an alternator, which is going to cost you about $475 for the part and maybe $250 for installation. So now they can go on the Parts Pass app, look it up and see that the alternator is actually maybe $125 and you can get it delivered in two days and go back to that repair shop and just pay them to install it."

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